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Beautiful: The Monster Within (TERFAKTAB) (Z10)

HARGA: RM18.00

Berat | 0.100kg
  • Kuantiti: 33
  • Produk SKU: 9789670774229

Format: Paperback
Saiz: 5" x 7.5
ISBN: 9789670774229
Jumlah Muka Surat: 120
Berat (Kg): 0.10
Penulis: L
He is the insignificant Mohd. She is the beautiful Ameera. Their paths crossed, their fate interwoven, with lust, blood and death. The school doesn’t care, the friends don’t notice, and the father and mother are much, much worse.
“Papa, is that you?”
“That’s good, spread your legs for me.”
She is drenched in blood. “I am fucking beautiful,” she exclaimed.
She loved the crimson color. She loved the taste of the blood in her mouth. The thick, metallic taste of that liquid.