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Jack Ma :Bilionair Beracuan Unik #(L30)

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  • Produk SKU: 9789675994241

Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 9789675994241
Tarikh Terbit: Cetakan Kedua 2018
Jumlah Muka Surat: 214
Berat (Kg): 0.25
Penulis: Mejar (B) Mohammad Qayyum A Badaruddin
First: Pay Attention to The Next 30 Years. They will Be Critical For The World. Every Technology Revolution Takes 50 Years. In The First 20 Years, The Companies/Technologies Are Established. The Implications Of The Technological Developments Will Become Evident In The Next 30 Years.

The Second: Pay Attention To The 30 Years Old. They Are The Internet Genertions And Will Change The World. They Will Build A New Tomorrow.

And Last : Pay Attention To Companies That Have Less Than 30 Employees, The Small Businesses. Take The Lead From Forrest Gump.