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The Misfit Rebel (L201)

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Format: Paperback

ISBN : 978-967-415-449-3

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What is your biggest—and scariest—dream and why do you want to achieve it?

For Nadia Hasbi, it was to leave her successful corporate job to create the world’s most beautiful sportswear, to encourage women to lead more active and healthier lifestyles.

This wasn’t always her dream, though.

Nadia had an exciting career within the corporate world. She thought she had it all, until a series of unfortunate events left her crushed and broken. It was during this dark time that she found clarity and a new purpose.

Despite having no experience, no contacts and no money, she single-handedly created her own brand of sportswear, which features handcrafted designs by traditional Malaysian batik artists.

Through her journey, she realised that “what” you do isn't nearly as interesting as “why” you do it, and the reason she embarked on this journey is to inspire women to be the best, happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.

In this book, Nadia explains how she made her way from darkness to light and how she is determined to bring light into the lives of others. By sharing how she found her purpose, during the most unexpected of times and her darkest of days, she hopes to help others who are searching for theirs.